Terms and Conditions

Last Updated July, 2nd 2023

The undersigned “Customer” has hired SOUTHERN BUBBLES FOAM PARTY herein referred to as “SOUTHERN BUBBLES” to provide a foam party at your address described below here in referred to as the “Event” In consideration of the services to be provided by SOUTHERN BUBBLES, and in addition to the fee for the services to be paid to SOUTHERN BUBBLES FOAM PARTY by the Customer, the Customer agrees as follows:

You the Customer and your guests are participating in a “FOAM PARTY” at your own risk, which you voluntarily assume. Although we have taken precautions to make this party safe and enjoyable, we cannot and do not guarantee that accidents or other mishaps, perhaps resulting in serious injury will not occur. If you or anyone in your party have any doubts or misgivings about your/there safety, well-being, or personal property, you have the right to not participate in this event, by not entering into the premises, designated foam area or other area where foam might reach.

To release, discharge and forever hold harmless, and to indemnify, SOUTHERN BUBBLES, its employees, affiliates, owners, agents and representatives from and against any and all claims, demands, damages, fees, actions, causes of action of whatever nature and costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees, whether in contract or in tort, in law or in equity, liquidated or unliquidated, which may arise out of or relate in any way to the Event, by any local, county state or federal agency and expressly including personal injury of any nature or property damage that may be suffered or incurred, by the Customer, members of his or her family, and any and all guests, invitees, licensees, contractors or subcontractors, agents or representatives of Customer, and agrees that SOUTHERN BUBBLES shall not be responsible in any way for any claims related to any such injury, damage or law enforcement action. The release and indemnity agreement in this paragraph shall apply to all injury, damage or law enforcement action, whether caused by the fault or negligence of SOUTHERN BUBBLES, or otherwise.

All participants should take extreme caution, the floor and other surfaces will become slippery. Please govern yourself accordingly. The undersigned (customer) agrees to inform all participants in their party of all potential hazards and precautions, and further more accepts responsibilities for all that participate.

Although the foam used is considered safe, persons with allergies, skin disorders, open wounds or any other ailments or conditions should consult a doctor before entering the foam. All persons should avoid eye contact and taking foam internally. The foam may cause dermatitis, in certain individuals if left on the skin for an extended amount of time. On completion of Event, Removal of wet clothing, bathing and using a moisturizer is recommended.

The amount of foam that stays in a designated area can vary greatly, depending on factors such as temperature, humidity, type of water (hard or soft), floor surface and number of people dancing in foam. High temperatures, porous floors and large amounts of people will result in faster dissipation of foam. SOUTHERN BUBBLES makes no guarantees regarding the amount of foam generated or the length of time that foam will last in a dance floor environment. You must protect your floors. Foam can damage anything that regular water will.

Customer agrees that any film or photography of participants become SOUTHERN BUBBLES property and may be used for promotional or commercial purposes, with no compensation whatsoever.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you authorize SOUTHERN BUBBLES FOAM PARTY to process your order for a foam party. Once your credit card has been charged NO refunds will be given.

All payments must be paid in full at the start of the party. Once booked, 10% of the fee is due. Our cancellation policy is that there is no cancellation policy. If you cancel please do so before the day of the party. If you cancel, we do not refund the deposit because we held a day for you that we could have given to someone else. If we cancel for some reason we will refund your deposit. No refunds will be made after the party has been started.

I certify that I have read the above terms and conditions and agree to the terms and conditions set forth.